Comeback - The new Esther Ofarim '73

Comeback - die neue Esther Ofarim'73

Esther Ofarim gave several concerts in 1973 (for example on January, 18th) 
in Germany, where she also presented an unreleased song:
Noches Noches, a beautiful Ladino ballad,
which she only has sung at the
Oriental Song Festival in Jerusalem 1972.

Conductor: Erich Ferstl (guitar, piano etc.)
Flute: Max Hecker
Oboe: Fritz Strowitzki
Cello: Albrecht Riehle
Base: Branco Pejacovic
Beat: Meini Geppert

>> Song list:

  1. Yo menamori de un aire

  2. El condor pasa

  3. Go tell it on the mountain

  4. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

  5. Rakefet

  6. My Fisherman

  7. Kleiner Tambour

  8. Pavane

  9.  Ziununai Haderech (Shirat Hanoded)

  10. Kinderspiele

  11. Morning has broken

  12. Song of the french partizan

  13. Una matica de ruda

  14. Moon of Alabama


  1. Shedemati

  2. Bird on the wire

  3. Pamparapam

  4. Noches Noches

  5. La Scilitana

  6. She's leaving home

  7. Patric (Down by the river)

  8. Guten Abend, gute Nacht

  9. Waking up

  10. Me emek ve give'a

  11. Hayu Leilot

  12. Mad about the boy