The best childrens songs
with Esther Ofarim

The best children songs with Esther Ofarim
Esther's songs first were published on this LP
These songs also are available as  MC

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Esther Ofarim
1. Udi Chamudi
2. Sha'on Ben Chail 
3. Habuba Elischeva
4.  Eyal
5. Pil Pilon 
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6. Shtu H'aadarim 
7. El Ha'Ma'yan 
8. Pizmon Layakinton 
9. Seh U'Gdi 
10. Hachatul al hagag
11. Shir eres

The rest of the 29 songs are by
Nehama Hendel and Ilanit
 IlanitNehama Hendel

You can buy this CD at www.doronia.de (Art.-Nr. 03-9301 "Die besten Kinderlieder")

The best children Songs with Esther Ofarim