Show of the week: Nana Mouskouri
BBC show, 29/04/1971
with Esther Ofarim


Esther Ofarim & Nana Mouskouri
Esther Ofarim & Nana Mouskouri in a duett of "Le Vent Et La Jeunesse". Lyrics

You can listen to this duett here!

"Singer Nana Mouskouri & the Athenians with guests Georghe Zamfir & the Rumanian Folk Ensemble, Esther Ofarim & the Black Theatre of Prague.
Nana wearing a shapless dress, accompanied by the Athenians sings `Xero Kapio Steno' , with titles on screen part way thru(25-115)
Nana & Athenians sing
`Bridge Over Troubled Water' (144-306) Nana intros `Double Bass Sketch' by Black Theatre of Prague in which man is playing DB & white gloved hand keeps appearing & pulling strings. Bass player goes to all lengths to get rid of hand, incl the use of dynamite which back fires (329-500) Nana sitting in an armchair sings `Song for a Winters Night', some s' thru window wth snow falling (511-611) Nana intros song by Athenians whch translates as `The Mermaid' (614-636) Athenians sing `I Gorgona' (636-716) Nana sings `Amazing Grace' (722-840) Nana intros Gheorghe ZAMFIR on pan pipes & Rumanian Folk Ensemble who play`Mult mantreaba Inima Hora'(866-1046)"

Esther Ofarim sings `You Know who I am' (1053-1151) Nana & Esther chat about when they 1st met (1158-1188) Nana & Esther sing `Le Vent et le Jeunesse' (1188-1286) Nana sitting in bubble chair suspended from ceiling sing `Over the Rainbow' (1296 -1419) Nana explains that last song is a greek Folk song re a girl whose bracelet jangled as she wlkd & made the men fall in love with her (1430-1470) Nana & Athenians sing `Yerakina' (1470-1554) Nana thanks guests & then sings more of `Yeraki-na' as credits go up (1568-1615)

Info taken from the BBCmotiongallery.