1960 - Exodus (USA)
with Esther Ofarim

Cover of the german Video of Exodus
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Esther Ofarim as Signorina HirschbergEsther Ofarim as Signorina Hirschberg

Exodus - german book by Leon Uris  Exodus - english book by Leon Uris

Based on Leon Uris' sweeping novel, "Exodus" is the epic saga of the founding of Israel in the days following World War II. Paul Newman stars as an Israeli resistance fighter, a member of the Hagannah, involved in the effort to bring a group of 600 European Jews from British-blockaded Cyprus into newly-partitioned Palestine, right before the United Nations is to vote on making it a Jewish homeland.

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There is wonderful music by Ernest Gold  in the film,
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Israel in the film Exodus

Poster of the film Exodus

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