Esther Ofarim - Hayu Lailot
Esther Ofarim - Hayu Lailot, CD released in Israel 1988, Hataklit CD 218
see reissued CD of 1994 here - also cassette available

This CD is a compilation of songs from "Lights out", "Haofarim"
"Fables and foibles", "Children songs" and "In songs by Moshe Wilensky"

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1. Hayu lailot (leilot)
2. Rakefet
3. Bayit LeShnaim (Ba'yit Lishna'yim)
4. Kibui Orot
5. Hare'ut
6. Hu lo yada et shma
7. Neula hi dalti
8. Stav
9. Ish lLem Gavoah Vedak
10. Machrozet
11. Shirat hanoded
12. Adama adamati (Al giv'ot shich evrech)
13. El hama'ayan
14. Shtu Adarim
15. Agadat Hamicher
16. Hadayag
17. Dumam
18. Bagalil
19. Yudke
20. Cha'yai adam
21. Pizmon layakinton

Esther Ofarim - Hayu Lailot - Back of the CD

you can buy it at Amazon