Split Personality
(Esther Ofarim, Robinson Crusoe Show, 1964)

Half I'm curves and half I'm straight
Half I'm angler and half I'm bait
How I curse my dreadful fait, 
I'm a mixed up mermaid

Half I'm true and half a lie 
Half I'm dripping, Half I'm dry
Half I'm yes and half I'm no
feeling high, I am low

What am I to do for a living
And where am I to go, 'cause you know

Half I'm land and half I'm sea
Half I'm it and half I'm she
What a shame it is to be
Such a split personality

Half I'm warm and half I'm cold
Half I'm bashful and half I'm bold
Fair and unfair, I've been told
I'm a mixed up mermaid

I like water and I like wine
I like rain if the sun won't shine
All my life I live by extremes
or, at least so it seems

No one knows the real girl inside me
Because of all my dreams, I wonder... 

Where's the he for this mixed up she 
Fish or man who will marry me?
Cause I'm longing for a wee
Little split personality

Thank-you very much to Michiel Sweere,
who has written it by ear!