"Celebrating with Pride" / "חוגג בגאון"
August 2+3+4, 2021 in Tel Aviv
and August 10th in Jerusalem
concert with Esther Ofarim & Yehoram Gaon

Esther Ofarim on August 2, 2021

Esther Ofarim on August 2, 2021

Esther Ofarim on August 2, 2021


On August 2 and 3, 2021, 21:00 h
Esther will perform in Heichal Hatarbut, Tel Aviv, live on stage together with Yehoram Gaon.

Update: additional concert added on August 4th.

Update: additional concert in Jerusalem, Safra Square, 20:00 h, added on August 10th. Get tickets here!
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Esther's songs:

Layla layla (with Yehoram Gaon) video (2.8.)
video (2.8.)
Hayu leilot video
Shir hanoded video

Radio transmission of the concert (4.8.)

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"Celebrating with Pride"

Singer and actor Yehoram Gaon will perform with a festive and one-time show in which he will direct the best hits of all time and will host on one stage the international singer and diva "Esther Ofarim" and the national singer band "The Gevatron" 

Among Yehoram's big hits - "Congratulations", "I am here", "A thousand kisses", "Rosa", "Hello, a wonderful country", "Ballad for a medic", "Do not fool with love", "Entertaining spirit", and more. The guests will perform and create especially for the show connections and surprising and one-time performance. Artistic Director - Kobi Ben Atar, Music Producer - Uri Karib, Gevatron Music Producer - Ilan Gilboa 

According to Yehoram Gaon:

 "After a difficult year for all of us in general and the world of culture in particular, I am excited to return and perform in a one-time and special show that centralizes the soundtrack of my life. It is a great privilege to stand on one stage and sing my songs The greatest of all time, Esther Ofarim. 
The show "Celebrating with Pride" symbolizes decades of work. I look forward to seeing you this summer. " 

On August 3, the show "Celebrating with Pride" will be held at the Heichal Hatarbut, actor and Israel Prize winner Yehoram Gaon. 

Yehoram is one of the greatest and most respected artists in Israeli culture and many of his works accompany us to this day will open the summer with a one-time show in which he will direct the best hits of all time and host on one stage the international singer Esther Ofarim and the Israeli singer Gevatron. According to the choir "The Gevatron": "Who has more respect? This time we are all honored, we are happy to join the show of one of the greatest singers in Israel, Yehoram Gaon. We wholeheartedly wish all of us not to stop singing." 

According to international singer Esther Ofarim: 

"I gladly accepted the offer to take the stage of the Heichal Hatarbut and perform alongside Yehoram Gaon. This is not the first time that Yehoram and I stand together on stage and it is always exciting and inspiring. I look forward to coming to Israel to meet the Israeli audience. The classic songs that continue to accompany generations ahead. " 

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Esther Ofarim & Yehoram Gaon, 2014
(foto: Esther Ofarim & Yehoram Gaon, 2014)