January 8, 2004:
Songs of Yoni Rechter - Various Artists
(Mishiray Yoni Rechter - Amanim Shonim)
(משירי יוני רכטר - אמנים שונים)
with Esther Ofarim

Songs of Yoni Rechter - Various Artists
CD Phonkol PHO9104

This CD contains the studio version of  
D'maot Shel Malachim 1977 by Esther Ofarim & orchestra, 
which never has been released on LP/CD yet.

Accomplished composer Rechter works closely with Israel's top artists - writing songs for them, sometimes collaborating and even joining them in duets. These are hits from the 70's and 80's sung by pop artists such as Gidi Gov, Arik Einstein, and Esther Ofarim, and by Rechter in duets with Mazi Cohen and Yehudit Razitz.
Information taken from Jewishmusicstore

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also at Mooma, there you also can hear little sound samples. 
Listen to a low quality sample of D'maot Shel Malachim
here (mp3)