CD with Esther Ofarim
Has been released on April 11, 2006

fim - Audiophile Reference IV

Fim - Audiophile Reference IV,
A true (Audiophile Reference) for all with ears to hear!

Re-release of this CD

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1. Esther Ofarim: La Vezina Catina 
2. Teresa Perez: The swan 
3. Studio Arts Orchestra: Olde London 
4. Linda Rosenthal: Fiddler on the roof 
5. Mari Nakamoto: Georgia on my mind 
6. Arne Domnerus: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child 
7. Taby Church Chamber Choir: Han AR fodd 
8. Teresa Perez: Lover's tear 
9. Ayako Hosokawa: Misty 
10. Arne Domnerus: High life 
11. Jing Ying Soloists: Yang city variations 
12. Yvonne Kenny: Excerpts from Messiah/ Martyn Hill:Hallelujah / 
Members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra:I know that my / 
Stockholm Bach Choir: Redeemer liveth 
13. Alexander Warenburg: Deer Hunter 
14. Taby Church Chamber Choir: Marias Vaggsang 
15. Jacintha: The look of love 
16. All Star Percussion Ensemble: Canon in D 

Esther's song originally available on 1st album