CD with Esther Ofarim
Has been released on May 17, 2005

Audiophile Reference IV with Esther Ofarim

Fim - Audiophile Reference IV,
A true (Audiophile Reference) for all with ears to hear!
This is a Hybird Disc (SACD and HDCD). If you do not have an SACD player for the time being, 
listening to the HDCD format will also bring about great musical pleasure.

also see newer release!

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1. Esther Ofarim: La Vezina Catina 
2. Teresa Perez: The swan 
3. Studio Arts Orchestra: Olde London 
4. Linda Rosenthal: Fiddler on the roof 
5. Mari Nakamoto: Georgia on my mind 
6. Arne Domnerus: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child 
7. Taby Church Chamber Choir: Han AR fodd 
8. Teresa Perez: Lover's tear 
9. Ayako Hosokawa: Misty 
10. Arne Domnerus: High life 
11. Jing Ying Soloists: Yang city variations 
12. Yvonne Kenny: Excerpts from Messiah/ Martyn Hill:Hallelujah / 
Members of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra:I know that my / 
Stockholm Bach Choir: Redeemer liveth 
13. Alexander Warenburg: Deer Hunter 
14. Taby Church Chamber Choir: Marias Vaggsang 
15. Jacintha: The look of love 
16. All Star Percussion Ensemble: Canon in D 

Esther's song originally available on 1st album

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Fim Audiophile Reference IV