October 28, 2007
Fürth, Stadttheater
Concert with Esther Ofarim

Foto by Uwe Asmus Esther performed in the Stadtheater, Fuerth (in Bavaria)
on October, 28th. Beginning: 19:30 h.

"Glanzvoll begann Esther ihre Konzerttour in Braunschweig
- glanzvoll ging sie in Fürth zu Ende"

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Foto by Uwe Asmus

Foto by Uwe Asmus
Read the press:
Fürther Nachrichten

A big Thanx to Uwe Asmus

who provided these fotos

and a small video of Pavane!

Song list:

Every night
Dirty old town
watch small video!
Layla layla
Besade patuach
September song
Ten li yad
Cancion de cuna
She's leaving home

Midnight dream (instrumental)
Song sung by Yoni Rechter

I only have eyes
Over the rainbow
Shir eres / Dodo
Speak low
Adio Querida
Alabama song
Me emek ve'give'a
Bird on the wire
Mad about the boy

Encores / Zugaben:
Morning of my life