Show of the week - Just  Esther
BBC show, 11/08/1968
with Esther Ofarim

and Chaim Topol (as a guest)

BBC - Esther Ofarim

 In 1968 Esther performed several songs in this BBC show.
Chaim Topol was a special guest and sang together with Esther and two solo songs.
Aquarius and Lazy Afternoon have never been released on any media by Esther.

"This was scheduled to be shown on Sunday 18th August but it was decided to bring it forward two weeks to trump 
her appearance on the David Frost show on London Weekend. It was then decided to bring it forward to 11th August instead."
 Info taken from tvpopdiaries.

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Song list:

1. Aquarius
lyrics + mp3
2. Frank Mills
3. Ein kleiner Tambour
4. Do-Do
5. Roggez
6. Down by the river
7. Lazy Afternoon
lyrics + video
8. Le vent et la jeunesse
9. Mad about the boy
10. Chaim Topol sings 7A in English
11. Oh lucky me (duet of Esther & Chaim, alternate title: umbrella for two)
12. Chaim Topol sings "This Wonderful land"
13. Lalya Tov / lullabye and goodnight

Esther Ofarim

"Just Esther starring
ESTHER OFARIM with special guest star,
The Orchestra
Musical director, WALLY STOTT
Special material, MYLES RUDGE 'Oh Lucky Me ' staged by Gillian Lynne
Design, Roger Cheveley
Tonight's Show of the Week presents for the first time Cinderella without her Rockafella-Esther Ofarim in her first solo show. The delightful, faun-like Esther will be singing a whole range of songs-from the Beatles' number she's made her own, ' She's leaving Home,' to two numbers from the American smash hit musical Hair."  
Info taken from


Esther Ofarim
"21.7.1968, Esther Ofarim stars in her own show "Esther". which can be seen on BBC-2 on Sunday, 11th August.
Guest appearing with her include Topol and Donal Donnelly. This is a colour programme